What to Collect?

What to Collect?

You can collect stamps on any topic you find of your interest.

When you had started building your collection, the basic thing you need to know is whether, you want to collect mint or used stamps.

  • MINT – Stamps that have never been used & look the way they did when they were sold at the post office. These are new stamps.
  • USED – Stamp that are not new.

 Now, you can select choosing of the following ways to collect:

  • COUNTRY COLLECTING - You can choose any single country to collect and can get MINT year packs from the Post Offices or Philatelic Dealers. USED year packs would only be available with the stamp dealers.
  • THEME/ TOPICAL COLLECTING – You can also go for collecting on a particular theme. i.e. animals, ships, birds, trains, space, history, sports, flowers, music, boy scouts, art, disney, horses, military, airmail, olympics, dinosaur, cats, Mahatma Gandhi, etc.
Get! Set! Go!!



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